Order cancellation

The order may be cancelled in the following cases:

A) Before the order is completed, during the online ordering process, you can press the “Cancel” button located at the bottom center of the screen. “Clicking” on it will automatically stop the ordering process. . “Clicking” on it will automatically stop the ordering process.

B) If your online order has been completed, but the product has not yet been shipped, you can call +30 210 6042693 and one of our partners will arrange to cancel your order. Returns — Return/Exchange of Products.

Return/Replacement of Products You can make a return due to a defective product or due to an error in your order (if, for example, you received a different product than what you ordered). To complete the return of the item, you must meet the following conditions:

1. Product returns may be accepted within 14 days from the date of receipt
2. The product must have been purchased exclusively from 3. The defective product will only be replaced with the same product or any other product upon agreement.
3. Contact us at or +30 210 6042693, to clarify the details of the return. You will need to know your purchase receipt number and product code when you contact us.
4. Pack the product so that it is protected during shipment.
5. In the event that the product has a defect or an error has been made in your order, you will ship the package with the courier company that we will indicate to you using the customer code that we will indicate to you, and the transportation costs are the responsibility of GLOBAL SMART SOLUTIONS IKE.

Please note that return shipping costs are charged by our company only in case of our error or defective product. In any other case, the costs are borne by the customer.

In any other case, the costs are borne by the customer. For more information call +30 210 6042693.